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How to get the best prices for Internet services, telephony and television II

Ask about billing models. Before signing a contract, ask for a summary of all charges for the first month and beyond. Make sure that the figures include taxes and fees and charges at one time as you charge to maintain their current phone number. Try to get information in writing. Then check the numbers again [...]

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How to get the best prices for Internet services, telephony and television I

Check the tariffs, then check again. Check the web site providers to find the best prices. Ask also for a customer service representative if the price you have offered is really the best offer for the company. Then, consider a check again, as we have found that rates may change, according to the representative who [...]

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11 ways to save money

Saving money is one form to make money. There are plenty of simple ways to make significant savings on your regular spending that could clear the debt many times over in less than a year. There are my favorite 11 ways to save money: 1) Quit smoking. Well I never smoked, but my friends do. [...]

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My list of best free software for windows

This is a list of all basic software that everybody need in his Windows computer with the plus that all this a free!! With this programs you can replace the expensive comercial software Word processor, calc, presentations,… (replacement for m.office) -OpenOffice : software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Is like [...]

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New iPhone 2.0: cheaper, with GPS and 3G

New iPhone 2.0, that would hit the markets next 11th of july in 22 countries, es smaller and lighter than his predecessor. It will be out in two versions, of 8 and 16GB, that will be sold at 199 and 299 dollars (400 dollars the old unit). During the Keynote, Jobs affirmed that connecting with [...]

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Cheap hotels around the world

Finding an economic hotel to spend the nights is another headache for the traveller. The first is where and how to find a cheap flight (as seen in our previous guide of economic flights). In this guide to find cheap hotels we will explain a few tips that can be applied to any search: Look [...]

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Cheap Desktops, find Best prices on Desktops

After the guide to find best prices on laptops, there is the easy guide of how and where to search to find your cheap desktop. Let’s suppose that we need a computer to: Surf the Internet. Writing. Listening to music. Watch videos. Play video games If you’re a professional and need the computer to work [...]

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Cheap Laptops, find Best Prices on Laptops

A quick search on google for “Cheap Laptop” will return a lot of results, ranging all the way from low-end offerings from large vendors like Dell to online shops with a different products of different companies (Dell, HP, Acer…).

Choosing a laptop or the vendor where to buy from is not easy, there are some things that you need to know before you start your search for a Cheap Laptop.

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Booking low cost flights

Go abroad, travel, is something we all want to do. How many times do you have thought were you would travel if you found a low cost trip?

One thing is get the idea around your mind and another very different is do it. This maybe the hardest step. But looking for everything you need to travel with a low budget isn’t easy neither. You have to find the flights, hotels, places to visit and the way to move around, everything with low cost but still of quality.

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