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How to get the best prices for Internet services, telephony and television II

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Ask about billing models. Before signing a contract, ask for a summary of all charges for the first month and beyond. Make sure that the figures include taxes and fees and charges at one time as you charge to maintain their current phone number. Try to get information in writing. Then check the numbers again matched against the actual invoices.

Adjust the extras. The typical download speeds of 5 megabits per second (Mbps) and loads of 1 Mbps with the Internet service is sufficient for most people, and often, and fiber optic cable beyond those speeds anyway. As a general rule, do not pay more for faster service unless you download or share videos often extended or other very large files.

Most of the plans based on fiber optics or VoIP include caller ID, answering machine and unlimited local calls or long distance in U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and sometimes to other countries. Make sure these features do not disappear or increase the charges on your bill when the promotional period lead. If you make frequent calls to countries not included in this plan, evaluate the possibility to add an international calling plan.

How to get the best prices for Internet services, telephony and television I

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Check the tariffs, then check again. Check the web site providers to find the best prices. Ask also for a customer service representative if the price you have offered is really the best offer for the company. Then, consider a check again, as we have found that rates may change, according to the representative who received the call.

Negotiate. It may be useful, particularly in areas where there is competition between cable providers and traditional phone company, as well as its promotional fare is about to expire. Ask for a reduced price or free extras, installation, or as a premium channel at no additional cost. If you accept these “gifts”, make sure not to start to charge automatically to continue to receive when the introductory offer.

New iPhone 2.0: cheaper, with GPS and 3G

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

New iPhone 2.0, that would hit the markets next 11th of july in 22 countries, es smaller and lighter than his predecessor. It will be out in two versions, of 8 and 16GB, that will be sold at 199 and 299 dollars (400 dollars the old unit).

During the Keynote, Jobs affirmed that connecting with this new iPhone is 36% faster than using other 3G dispositives, which will made easier both surfing and downloading. Besides, Apple has worked in a new battery which will allow 5 hours of conversation, 6 hours of Internet, 7 hours of video, 24 of audio and 300 waiting hours.

Another new feature of the iPhone is a GPS, which allow to locate and follow the movements of the phone in a map.

The iPhone 3G offers the direct reception service of e-mails Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the as BlackBerry.

All these features packeged in a big sized screen of 3’5″ and the new MobileMe, the applications suite that allows, with the simple movement of the finger, transfering any content between the computer and the phone.

We are waiting to the launch day to get the first real impressions and see the fever that it will produced.