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Cheap hotels around the world

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Finding an economic hotel to spend the nights is another headache for the traveller. The first is where and how to find a cheap flight (as seen in our previous guide of economic flights).

In this guide to find cheap hotels we will explain a few tips that can be applied to any search:

Look at different places before booking anything and compare the prices.

It’s a good idea to read commentaries at forums about the hotels or hostels we are interested in. If a hotel is cheap but the facilities, staff or hygiene is not good at all maybe it is time to search for another place a bit more expensive but with better quality.

Review the conditions of the booking and check the terms that apply if you finally cancel a booking for not showing up.

Depending on the time of the year and the temperature at the city you are going, it may be interesting to check if there is air conditioner or central heating.

If it’s a shared room with other people, ask if there is a secure locker and bring your own padlock with you.

As when searching for cheap flights, there are plenty of pages to search and compare prices and disponibility of rooms in different hotels simultaneously, saving time and money.

Let’s see the 5 most used webpages for searching cheap accommodation. : offers more than 60.000 hotels, bed and brekfast and resorts around the world. They offer a directory of hotels to search manually. : Hostelworld specialices in hostels, mainly for young people. Offers more than 17.000 hotels, guesthouses, hostels and campsites in 168 countries. They offer pocket travel guides which information about our destiny, but it’s a bit short so maybe we will need to get a proper guide like Lonely Planet. The web is in different languages, a good thing for those not native speakers. : is probably the most famous and the one which offers a more exhaustive database with 80.000 hotels to search and compare. They have free cancellation of the bookings and offer a phone number to use in case of doubt or need of help. In different languages. :
they have 45.000 hotels in something like 10.000 cities in the world. Their prices are quite economic. The hotels have commentaries of clients and users. Web and custommer support in 17 languagues.

And the last is not a web, it’s a tip. When booking a flight, look if you can book a hotel directly from the same web or they offer some link to do it (Ryanair and Easyjet do this). With this, maybe you can save a few bucks. Besides, it’s usual that the travel guides offer different recommended hotels to stay.

In the next guide we will talk about travel insurances, for those of you who will be travelling during a long time, visiting different countries or a place where the language can be a problem.

Booking low cost flights

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Go abroad, travel, is something we all want to do. How many times do you have thought were you would travel if you found a low cost trip?

One thing is get the idea around your mind and another very different is do it. This maybe the hardest step. But looking for everything you need to travel with a low budget isn’t easy neither. You have to find the flights, hotels, places to visit and the way to move around, everything with low cost but still of quality.

The most important thing, and maybe what determines the possibility of traveling, is finding a low cost flight. In a travel agency they will charge us around 200% of the real price of the ticket. Maybe they will eliminate the problems with finding a good company but it will be more expensive than looking for a low cost ticket yourself.

The best dates to find low cost flights are, obviously, not at holidays. During workdays, better in wednesdays and thursdays and not during july or august. The difference with a low cost company for traveling on wednesday and saturday can double the original price.

A good place to find cheap flights is Skyscanner. With Skyscanner you can search for city, look for the cheapest places to travel from there and, if we know which airport we have to fly, look for the cheapest day to travel. Trabber is another webpage to find cheap flights, with more companies but without the tools that Skyscanner offers (travel calendar, or cheapest place to travel).

These are the cheapest companies to fly with and the sites to search and compare low cost tickets.

Fly cheap in Europe

If you live in Europe or are planning to travel around Europe we give you a list of the cheapest flight company that work in Europe and the sites to search and compare cheap flights.

Flight companies:

Air Berlin
Sky Europe

Sites to compare prices:

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