Cheap Laptops, find Best Prices on Laptops

A quick search on google for “Cheap Laptop” will return a lot of results, ranging all the way from low-end offerings from large vendors like Dell to online shops with a different products of different companies (Dell, HP, Acer…).

Choosing a laptop or the vendor where to buy from is not easy, there are some things that you need to know before you start your search for a Cheap Laptop.

The First!

What is the purpose of your laptop? Frst, you need a computer that you get with you to any place? Second, Is for someone without experience in computers or a teenager? You need editing graphics or video? Play videogames?

If you respond ‘yes’ to the first question, then you need a laptop.

If you respond ‘yes’ to the second question, then are you sure you need a laptop? You know that a desktop computer is cheaper than a laptop?

For the other questions.. if you respond ‘yes’, then you need to expend a lot of money in a good laptop. A desktop computer can cost half than a laptop with the same characteristics. If you respond ‘maybe someday’ then better if you be realistic and don’t buy nothing that you do not use every day or every week.

Everybody has his reasons for buy a laptop, but if you are realistic you can save a lot money.

The second!

Now, we explain where you can find the best prices on laptops

Low end offerings from vendors: Many of big name laptop makers do offer special deals and discount coupons. Many good quality laptops can now be bought at a reasonable price. Recently you can find offers under $399. You can search for these offers directly on the webpage of vendor, try search on dell, Hewlett Packard, Packard bell, Acer …
In general a new laptop come with one year warranty, and the post-sale service is good.

Online shops & compare prices: in many cases buying in online stores opposite to physical shops can save $100-$500. Other good thing to do is search and compares prices in some pages like or that search in different online shops and compare the prices (there are other good resources for searching and comparing cheap laptops)

Used & eBay: If you don’t have problem with used products the largest marketplace on the Internet is great place to look for a cheap laptop. At any point of time, eBay has more than 20,000 laptops on sale.

Standard cautions apply while buying over eBay. eBay has listings for all kinds of laptops, you only can see photos of the laptop and a description of it, make by the owner. While buying used laptops on eBay, pay special attention to quality of battery and cracks on screen. Read the listing very very carefully! And ask the vendor for anything about the laptop that can be confusing or incomplete on his description.

If the vendor has sold other items on eBay you can see in his details the opinions of the other buyers and see if he is trusted or not.

The Last!

Take care of your new and cheap laptop!

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